Brenda Reid, Artist

Bio of Artist:  Brenda Reid

There are three things in life that Brenda is most passionate about: Art, Music and Literature.  “Painting is my bliss.  I get lost in it for hours at a time and often work non-stop out of pure enjoyment.”   Other passions that require her uninterrupted focus are snow skiing, yoga, mountain bike riding and photography.

Living in Bend is the perfect fit for Brenda originally from Seattle. “The beauty of moving to an artistic community is that you get to reinvent yourself as an artist.  I’ve never felt so welcomed, thanks to a lot of support from The Source Weekly.  My photos have become a favorite in Lightmeter.”

An admirer of Rothko, Picasso, Van Gough and Paul Klee, she has a deep sense of style and color.  “I’m fascinated with design.”

Brenda is currently showing her art work at Layor Art & Supply, Bend, Oregon.

2 thoughts on “Brenda Reid, Artist

  1. Are you the Brenda Reid who worked with me at American Adventure and then worked at
    Coca-Cola in Bellevue? It would be great to reconnect………
    Rev. Pat Callahan, Seattle 206.329.1234

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